Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is no easy task. It takes special training to become a windshield repair technician, and there are a variety of issues that may present themselves during a windshield inspection. When going to see a windshield repair service, it helps to know a few key terms.

Auto Glass Repair – This process takes away air from a break in laminated glass and infuses it with an optically matched resin that is also curable.

Chip – This is the deterioration to the surface of a glass that is not connected to additional kinds of damage.

Combination Crack – A specific type of crack in a windshield characterized by multiple types of breaks occurring in the same area. Can be repaired if the diameter of the crack is less than the diameter of a quarter.

Cut Crack – A small crack in a windshield (usually shorter than a dollar bill). Can be repaired.

Edge Crack – This is a reference to any crack found on the windshield that will extend to an edge.

Floating Crack – A floating crack is a term that refers to any crack that is found on the windshield that does not extend to an edge.

Flowering – Flowering is when a flower-petal effect happens around the outside edge of a repair. This comes from the laminate that becomes detached from the glass’ outside layer.

Hairline Crack – A long fracture in a windshield that resembles a strand of hair.

Impact – This is a reference to the most common of all breaks. You can easily tell when this occurs because it takes place when any object makes contact with your windshield.

Impact Point – This is the actual spot on the glass that was hit with an object, much of the time a stone.

Legs – These are the short cracks that come from a break.

Long Crack – A long crack is also a crack on any given windshield. However, as the name implies, it differs in that the crack on the windshield has to be at least longer than 6 inches in length.

Pit – The pit is impact point that is characterized by the missing presence of a tiny piece of glass.

Refracturing – A strategy that hastens the windshield repair process. In a pane of glass that has suffered an impact, a small chip is created at the impact point, and resin is injected directly into the chip.

Resin – A transparent liquid that is used in repairing chipped or cracked windshields. Resin is injected into the damaged area and cured with UV light. This procedure prevents the windshield from suffering further damage.

Repair – A windshield repair, in which resin is injected into a damaged windshield. A vacuum is applied around the damaged area to seal in the resin and prevent the damage from spreading.

Short Crack – A short crack is a crack on one’s windshield that is less than 6 inches in length.

Spider Crack – A crack in a windshield characterized by multiple lines stemming from one point.

Stone Break – A stone break is a non-technical term for damage that can present itself on laminated glass.

Stress Crack – This is a reference to any kind of crack that extends from an edge, but that does not possess an impact point.

There are several different key terms that can be useful when having your windshield repaired. By knowing these automotive terms, you can understand what is going on in the glass shop when you take your vehicle in for repairs.