What is Urethane?  Adhesive that is used in windshield replacement, back glass, quarter windows, vent windows and side windows.

Why is it important?


Different types of Urethane- Fast Cure

Dow, 3M, Sika, ABRO UR3000

beta seal 428 plus primer less glue- snaps off easy doesn’t stretch
sika-stretches and leaves a tail and gets on the paint

types of stress tension, compression, shear and torsion
High Modulus Urethane- A Rigidity Requirement of cured adhesive
Engineers designed it’s use to retain the structural integrity of the vehicle.
-Provide extra strength to help the vehicle resist torsional twisting
-Help Quite and Stabilize the Vehicles Ride
-Preserves Radio, Cell Phone, and global positioning system reception in an OEM encapsulated windshield or rear back glass
-Ability to withstand a variety of stresses and still return to it’s original form
-must be able to withstand tension, compression, shear and torsion without adhesive or  cohesive failure
-High modulus adhesives must have a higher elastic resistance than  normal so they will not deform or rupture under the increased stress
-Dow Automotive’s Betaseal One Urethane Adhesive passes the defining test to be called high modulus with a shear strength of  2.7 MPa at full cure