Grand Prix

If you have a Grand Prix and need any glass replaced then we can help you out.

The 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix 4 door sedan has 2 windshield options.

1) Windshield with Heads Up Display

2) Standard Windshield with solar coating


Does your vehicle have the Heads-Up Display option which projects an image of your speedometer and other gauges onto the windshield?

If your answer is Yes, then make sure you select the Windshield with Heads Up Display from our drop down menu or let the CSR or Auto glass technician know before we come out to replace the glass or else the might bring the incorrect part.  The Heads up display feature will set you back a little more but will definitely increase your resale value.  We do not recommend you replace the windshield without the Heads up display if your vehicle has the Heads up display feature equipped.


If you aren’t sure which windshield your vehicle has call us with your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and we will contact the Pontiac dealership and find out exactly which windshield your vehicle has.

This 2006 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX has a rain sensor feature option. Please select the part windshield with rain sensor from the drop down menu if you have a rain sensor. If you are unsure if you have a rain sensor then you can provide us with the VIN when we schedule the appointment and we can confirm that you have that feature. Having the rain sensor feature doesn’t always necessarily mean that your replacement windshield will be more expensive.