Grand Voyager

When looking for a windshield replacement for your Plymouth Grand Voyager you need to find out if your windshield has a heated wiper park area.  You can find out if you have this feature by looking near the windshield wipers and you should be able to see black lines in the windshield.  Another way to know for sure is that area will defrost faster then any part of the windshield when it is cold out.  So when you call we may ask you are there lines running across the bottom of the Windshield that heat and defrost the wiper park area?  This will help us better determine which replacement glass part you need to complete an accurate installation.  If you call a company and they don’t ask you this question that should instantly tell you they don’t know about your vehicle and there’s a good chance you will get misquoted because the prices can differ.  Some companies may not ask and just bring both pieces of glass and then change the price on you after they are there or even worse yet after they have installed the glass.  We have heard that story many of times from people so buyer beware!

The price differences are not that different but it’s important to get the right part it helps save, time, gas and money.