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Nissan is a popular Japanese automobile manufacturer, and is the sixth
largest car company in the world. The history of Nissan goes back to
1911, when Masujiro Hashimoto founded the Kwaishinsha Motor Car
Works company. Their first car, called the DAT, came out in 1914. The
company went through a number of name changes over the years
before settling on Datsun in the 1930s. In 1934, the company’s name
changed again to Nissan, and soon Nissan began to expand into the
United States and around the world. For years, the cars kept the
Datsun name, but eventually the company made the switch to the
Nissan name that is widely recognized today. In 1999, Nissan entered a
two-way agreement with French automotive company Renault S.A.
Renault currently owns 43.4 percent of Nissan, while Nissan owns 15
percent of Renault. Although Nissan itself is ranked the sixth largest
auto company in the world right now, the combined sales on Nissan
and Renault vehicles in 2012 would actually put the Renault-Nissan
Alliance at number four in the world in terms of automobile sales.

Popular Makes and Models

Along with the Nissan brand, the company also makes luxury cars
under the Infiniti brand. In addition, Nissan announced in July 2013 that
they would re-launch the Datsun brand and target this new line of
automobiles towards emerging markets in places like India. The Nissan
brand encompasses a wide range of vehicles, from small sports cars all
the way to large commercial trucks and vans. Some of the most
popular Nissan models include the Quest minivan, the Frontier truck,
sedans like the Altima and Maxima, SUVs like the Xterra and
Pathfinder, and Leaf electric cars. The Infiniti brand also produces a
range of vehicles, with more of a focus on coupes and convertibles.
Popular Infiniti models include the Q60 line of coupes, SUVs like the
QX50, Infiniti M sedans, and hybrid models like the Infiniti M Hybrid and
Q50 sedan Hybrid.

What’s Coming in 2014

Nissan has a number of 2014 vehicles available, including a newly
designed Rogue SUV, a new Altima Sedan, and a Pathfinder Hybrid
SUV. Nissan also has a number of futuristic and innovative designs up
their sleeves for their concept cars. Some of their future vehicles
include a van billed as the “Taxi of Tomorrow,” a concept cube car
called the Denki Cube, an ultra-futuristic SUV called the Terra SUV, and
a new GT-R Nismo sports car. Infiniti also has lots in store for the future.
Their Q50 and Q60 lines have both been updated for 2014, and they
are also working on new vehicles for the future such as a new Q30
compact luxury sedan, and an electric sports car called the EMERG-E.

Windshield and Windshield Manufacturer Information

Nissan uses Carlite as their primary glass manufacturer. Carlite is an
American brand, and this is the same glass that is used by other
popular carmakers such as Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Kia, and Mercury. The
Carlite glass company has been around for over 80 years, and is
currently the only company recommended by the Ford Motor Company
for replacement glass. For Infiniti vehicles, the glass comes from a
different company called Templex, which is part of the parent company
Vitro. Templex is a smaller auto glass company, and only produces
glass for Infiniti vehicles, although Vitro also produces glass under
different subsidiaries for Geo and Isuzu vehicles.

New Features that Affect Windshield Replacement Prices

Because Nissan is a popular vehicle brand and Carlite is a common
glass brand, windshield repair and replacement for Nissan vehicles
usually comes at a fairly low price when compared to other vehicle
brands. The average cost for a front windshield replacement can be as
low as $200, while other types of glass replacement can range from
$40 to $400 and up. For the most part, Nissan owners won’t have to
worry about additional costs that come from special features such as
heads-up displays and acoustic interlayers, as Nissan does not include
these features as factory options on their vehicles. One feature that
could drive up the cost of glass repair or replacement, however, is
Nissan’s lane departure warning system. This mechanism, which
comes factory standard on some Nissan vehicles, helps to keep drivers
from veering out of their lane by warning the driver when the vehicle
gets too close to the edge of a lane. Nissan, in fact, was one of the first
car companies to introduce such a mechanism, and was producing cars
with lane departure warning systems as early as 2001. If you happen
to own a Nissan vehicle with such a system installed, you may have to
be prepared to pay more for glass repair or replacement. Some Nissan
vehicles such as the 2012 Murano also come with rain-sensing
windshield wipers, which will turn on automatically when they detect
water on the windshield. This can actually be an advantage
sometimes, as a windshield with a rain sensor can cost less to replace
than a windshield without a rain sensor, as long as the vehicle on
which the windshield is being installed came with a rain sensor as a
factory standard option. While Nissan windshield replacements will
usually run a lower cost when compared to other brands, Infiniti
windshield replacements can sometimes come at a higher price.
Because Infiniti is a luxury brand, their vehicles will sometimes include
features like heads-up displays and acoustic interlayers, which will
drive up the cost of replacement. On average, however, a standard
front windshield replacement on an Infiniti vehicle can still be low
compared to other vehicle brands, with the average replacement cost
coming in at just over $200.


Today, Nissan and Infinity are popular automobile brands, and some
people are even still driving Datsun vehicles that were made in the
1970s and 80s. Carlite glass is widely used across a number of vehicle
makes and models, and as such, Nissan replacement glass is typically
easy to find and inexpensive to install. Additionally, while Infiniti
vehicles are a higher-end brand and use a less common OEM glass,
glass for these vehicles still comes at a competitive price. No matter
what branch of the Nissan family manufactured your vehicle, you can
usually get Nissan replacement auto glass for a very reasonable fee.