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2014 Honda Accord

Is this the standard accord or hybrid?
Is your vehicle the 2 door coupe or 4 door sedan?
Is your vehicle equipped with the Lane Departure Warning system that alerts you if you attempt to change lanes without using your turn signal?
Is your vehicle equipped with an automatic-dimming rearview mirror that dims when it senses headlights behind you?
Does your windshield have a slightly darker shadeband across the top?
The 2014 Honda Accord 2 Door Coupe has Two windshield replacement options
  1. Solar Coated $369.83
  2. Solar Coated with Lane Departure Warning System and also with Forward Collision Alert  $371.30

The windshield for the coupe will not fit the 4 door sedan model or 4 Door Hybrid Model.

The Sedan and 4 Door Hybrid both have 6 windshield replacement options each:
  1. Solar Coated $365.50
  2. Solar with a third visor frit $365.96
  3. Solar with Acoustic interlayer $405.34
  4. Solar Coated and Electrochromic Mirror $371.41
  5. Solar Coated, Acoustic Interlayer & Electrochromic Mirror $446.32
  6. Solar Coated With Lane Departure Warning, with Forward Collision Alert and Third Visor Frit $395.14

What is bizarre in this scenario but not uncommon and an excellent example and that is sometimes a glass with more features can actually cost less then a glass for the same vehicle but only  with less features will cost more!!

2013 Honda Accord Windshield Replacement Price

Here’s what Safelite’s site said: ”

What needs to be done?
It sounds like we need to replace your windshield.
This is because if the damage is too big, or if there are too many chips or cracks, the structural integrity of the glass is damaged beyond repair.
We’ll protect your exterior and interior, then remove your old windshield. We’ll apply a primer and a bonding glue to make a good seal and insert your new windshield. Then just wait around 1 HOUR for the glue to set and you can drive away.
How long will it take?
The work will take around 90-120 minutes.
•    If you come to a store, you can choose when we start the work – within a 30-minute slot.
•    If a technician comes to you, You can choose when we arrive – within a 4-hour slot.
Your vehicle will be safe to drive away about an hour after the work is finished.

2 Options

Windshield solar green tint/blue shade
Windshield solar, with lane departure warning, with forward collision alert green tint/blue shade

This price is for the Windshield solar green tint/blue shade option only and from Safelite.

Web-only price:
Includes parts, labor
and molding

Does not include:
Federal, state or local taxes
Disposal fee ($9.95)
Mobile fees

Your price quote is accurate based on the information you provided related to your vehicle and type of damage.
Your quote includes basic labor and parts used when replacing or repairing your damaged auto glass. In some cases, the condition or style of the vehicle may require the Safelite technician use additional materials such as replacement moldings or other accessories to ensure a safe, quality installation.
Your technician will complete an evaluation of the vehicle and provide an estimate for any additional costs prior to starting the work.
This price quote does not include federal, state or local taxes or any applicable mobile or disposal fees. Cash pricing provided is for consumer, non-insurance claim transactions only. Not valid for commercial or fleet customers.


Windshield green tint/blue shade solar  $855.88
Molding upper    ****A molding is required for your vehicle. This helps surround the glass for proper installation.   $9.07
TOTAL $864.95


Questions you should be asking as a consumer to help you compare price quotes from different service providers.

Questions to ask how long is your warranty?

What does your warranty cover?

Does your price include tax?

Does your price include mobile service?

Does your price include glass disposal fees?


Most quotes will be for windshield replacements using “ARG” or “OEE” Aftermarket Replacement Glass and Original Equipment Equivalent


*If you are getting a windshield replacement make sure not to wash your car for 48 hours


The 2013 HONDA ACCORD 4 DOOR SEDAN has an option for an Acoustic Interlayer replacement windshield. The acoustic interlayer is an additional soundproofing layer that helps keep the ACCORD quieter on the inside. If you are not sure if your ACCORD has the acoustic interlayer then if you provide us with your VIN number we can let you know.