GMC Vehicle Information:



Auto Glass OE Manufacturer : Pilkington


GMC is an American producer of trucks, vans, SUVs, and crossover
vehicles. The company is based out of Detroit, Michigan and is a
division of General Motors. The first GMC truck appeared in 1912, and
was released by the General Motors Truck Company. William Durant,
co-founder of General Motors and Chevrolet, also founded GMC. During
the mid twentieth century, GMC became a major bus manufacturer,
and later went on to produce commercial vehicles such as fire trucks
and ambulances, as well as military vehicles and motorhomes. Today,
the brand focuses on producing SUVs, crossover vehicles, vans, and
light, medium, and heavy-duty pickup trucks, and also continues to sell
some commercial trucks and vans. GMC is now seen by many as a
sister brand to Chevrolet, as many of their vehicles are almost identical
in design (the GMC Sierra, for example, is virtually identical to the
Chevy Silverado). Chevrolet vehicles, however, are only available
through Chevrolet dealerships, while GMC vehicles can be purchased
through other dealerships such as Buick, Pontiac, and Cadillac.

Popular Makes and Models

Popular GMC vehicles include the Sierra line of trucks, the Yukon line of
SUVs, and the Savana line of vans. Each line typically comes in a
number of different factory versions, which offer a range in terms of
features, sizes, and price point. Their lightest-duty pickup truck is the
Sierra 1500, and their heaviest-duty pickup truck is the Sierra 3500HD
Denali. GMC also makes two other SUV/crossover lines called Terrain
and Acadia. Both come in either standard or “Denali” versions, with the
Denali option being the higher-end choice. The Yukon SUV also comes
in both standard and Denali versions, and also offers an XL model and
an XL Denali model. For vans, GMC offers a Savana Passenger model,
which seats up to 15 people, and a Savana Cargo model.

What’s Coming in 2014

GMC’s upcoming offerings for 2014 include 2015 versions of their
Yukon and Sierra HD models. The 2015 Yukon will incorporate new auto
glass technology such as acoustic lamination for the front windshield
and front door windows. Both models will also include other new
technology, including lane departure warning systems, and will also
feature redesigned interiors and exteriors.

Windshield and Windshield Manufacturer Information

GMC auto glass is made by Pilkington, which is a popular auto glass
manufacturer. Pilkington is a British company, and is one of the largest
auto glass manufacturers in the world. Pilkington is also a company
with a long history, having been initially established in 1826 in St.
Helens, Lancashire, where the company is still based today. Pilkington
is now a subsidiary of the Japanese NSG Group, which also produces
auto glass under the name Nippon Sheet Glass. Other car companies
that use Pilkington glass include Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hummer, Land
Rover, Daewoo, Oldsmobile, and Porsche.

New Features that Affect Windshield Replacement Prices

Compared to other vehicle brands, GMC windshield replacement can
come at a fairly low price. The average price for a standard windshield
replacement on a GMC vehicle is around $200. Depending on the
specific model and which glass is in need of repair or replacement,
however, the price can either drop or go up. For example, a front
window will typically cost less to replace than a rear window, since
front windows are more likely to break than rear windows. There are
also some additional features that come with some GMC vehicles that
can affect the price of windshield repair. For example, a heated rear
window will be more expensive to replace than a standard read
window. New GMC vehicles will also include other features that will
make glass repair more expensive. The lane departure warning
systems and acoustic windshield lamination features that come
standard with the 2015 Yukon and Sierra HD models will both affect
windshield repair prices. Another feature that is included in some GMC
vehicles that will affect the cost of glass repair is a rain-sensing
windshield. However, this can sometimes be good news for a vehicle
owner, as rain-sensing windshields can sometimes cost less to repair if
the rain sensor was included in the factory version of the vehicle. Some
versions of the GMC Acadia SUV also include a heads-up display
feature, which projects information such as vehicle speed,
temperature, and headlight information directly on to the front
windshield. GMC first introduced this technology with their 2012
Acadia, and continues to use this technology for their Acadia line today.
Heads-up displays offer a number of advantages in terms of safety and
functionality, but they also require a special type of windshield, which
means that this feature can also drive up the cost of windshield repair
and replacement. GMCs, however, are very common vehicles, and
Pilkington is a very common type of glass, which means that finding
glass for GMC vehicles will not be difficult to do. Because the glass is
easier to find, the cost of replacement is usually lower. Also, GMC
vehicles are normally easier to work on than other types of cars such
as luxury cars or sport vehicles. Since there is no special procedure
required to disassemble and install new glass on GMC vehicles, labor
costs for glasswork are typically fairly low.


Although it specializes in producing “hard working” and durable
vehicles, GMC has also fully embraced 21st century automobile
technology. The introduction of the 2012 Acadia’s heads-up display
technology proved that this is a company that is set on staying at the
forefront of modern innovations. GMC is continuing this trend with the
inclusion of features such as lane departure warning systems and
acoustic interlayer windshields in their 2015 vehicles. While this can be
good news when it comes to extra features, it can also affect the price
of glass repair and replacement, as many of these new technologies
also require new and expensive innovations in terms of windshield
technology. That said, GMC still tends to come in at the low end in
terms of the average cost for windshield repair and replacement.