Ford Fusion Windshield Replacement

The 2016 Ford Fusion comes in 3 models the Fusion, Fusion Hybrid and the Fusion Energi.

If your vehicle has the rain sensor then the replacement price for a rain sensor equipped windshield is just under $400 hundred bucks.  If it does not the replacement cost is in the ballpark of $325.00.  If you aren’t sure if your vehicle has those features then pick windshield as the part type and we will help you determine if you have the rain sensor or Lane Sensor or Lane Departure Warning System.  If you select windshield the quote we will give you will be for the standard windshield without a Rain Sensor or Lane Departure Warning System.

The 2015 Ford Fusion comes in 3 models the Fusion, Fusion Hybrid and the Fusion Energi.  When searching for a windshield replacement for your Ford Fusion you will need to know the answer to the following question.  Is your vehicle equipped with rain-sensing wipers that turn on automatically if it begins to rain or do they automatically change speed based upon the amount of moisture on your windshield?  If the answer is Yes, then make sure you select windshield with Rain Sensor from our drop down menu so the price quote you receive is accurate.  Price quotes on our site differ from city to city and quotes displayed on our site come from different providers in different areas.  Prices are always subject to change and also vary because of distance of the vehicle from the auto glass company and can differ depending on the workload or day of the week.  The replacement price for a rain sensor equipped windshield is just under $400 hundred bucks.  If you are interested in finding out how much it would cost to replace your windshield then fill out the quote form for a free quote and we will look up the part and send you an email and text message with the price.  If you decide you would like to schedule then please call us back.  All of our quotes include the rain sensor adhesive or sometimes called the rain sensor gel pack.  We also need to know if your vehicle is equipped with a Lane Departure Warning System that alerts you if you cross into a different lane without using your turn signal?  If it does then price is about the same however we will still need to know if your vehicle has this feature because a different glass part type is necessary to perform the proper replacement.  We always use the manufacturer specified replacement part when performing a windshield replacement.  If your vehicle does not have the Rain Sensor or Lane Departure Warning System then the windshield replacement cost is approximately around $325.  Prices subject to change.


Ford Fusion Windshield Replacement

This 2011, 20012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Ford Fusion all have a rain sensor feature option. Please select the part windshield with rain sensor from the drop down menu if you have a rain sensor. If you are unsure if you have a rain sensor then you can provide us with the VIN when we schedule the appointment and we can confirm that you have that feature. Having the rain sensor feature doesn’t always necessarily mean that your replacement windshield will be more expensive.  If you don’t specify that your vehicle has a rain sensor we will quote you for the windshield without rain sensor.

The 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Ford Fusion 4 Door Sedan has an option for an Acoustic Interlayer replacement windshield. The acoustic interlayer is an additional soundproofing layer that helps keep the MDX’s quieter on the inside. If you are not sure if your MDX has the acoustic interlayer then if you provide us with your VIN number we can let you know.

The 2015 Ford Fusion can also come equipped with a Lane Departure Warning System.  This is a Warning system that alerts you if you attempt to change lanes without using your turn signal.  Sometimes called Lane Detection, Eyesight system, Active Driving Assistant or Lane Assist.

For the Ford Fusion 4-door Sedan, the cost estimates for repairing or replacing the damaged glass are as follows:

Windshield repair or replacement:
Estimation for single crack repair: $59.95 – $70 (30 minutes)
Estimation for full replacement: $330.81 – $481.40 (90-120 minutes)
Estimation for repair on 3-5 cracks: $120 (2 hours)
Estimation for repair on 6 or more cracks: $120 – $125.95 (90-120 minutes)
Estimation on replacement due to multiple cracks: $330.81 – $481.40 (90-120 minutes)

Side window repair or replacement: (90-120 minutes)
Driver’s side window:
Vent: $249.29 – $339.25
Front side: $241.05 – $326.50
Rear side: $241.05 – $326.50
Rear quarter: $210.20 – $282.43
Passenger’s side window
Vent: $249.98 – $339.25
Front Side: $241.05 – $326.50
Rear Side: $241.05 – $326.50
Rear Quarter: $210.20 – $282.43

The replacement costs for rear windows and roof windows of this model can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage. Many times, quotes given by auto repair companies online for these parts are inaccurate. It’s best to take your car into the nearest service center, have it looked at by an expert, and get a quote in person.

Many companies will invite you to call on the phone and give you an estimate after speaking to you. Again, this amount is usually inaccurate, as the service center will need to assess the extent of the damage to see if the rear or roof window needs to be replaced or repaired. Sometimes, the quote offered will not include hidden charges and taxes, which are included only at the time of billing. Be straightforward with the service representative and ask for a final quote in person.

The parts for the 2015 Ford Fusion are not available at all service centers. As a precaution, you can call and ask the center you wish to visit whether or not the specific parts are available. If not, ask if they are willing to get the parts, or try another center. Most service centers are willing to get parts for their clients, but may increase their rates because of it.

Another thing to ask is whether or not the quote provided by the center, either online or over the phone, includes labor charges and other fees. All prices listed here do include these charges. For prices not listed here, it is advisable to ask before going to the center.