Dodge Vehicle Information:


Auto Glass OE Manufacturer :  Mopar




Dodge is a Michigan-based part of the Chrysler Group that
manufactures budget and performance vehicles. Historically, Dodge
produced mid-range vehicles and originally operated as a parts
supplier for Detroit auto companies. Brothers John and Horace Dodge
founded the company in 1900 and started building vehicles in 1914
before dying of the Spanish flu in 1920. Chrysler acquired Dodge in
1928, and after Chrysler announced bankruptcy, Italian automaker Fiat
purchased the struggling company. Currently, Fiat owns the majority
stake in Chrysler, making Dodge a Fiat subsidiary. Since the 1980s,
Dodge has had a reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance
vehicles such as the Charger and the Challenger, as well as workhorse
vehicles like the Ram line of trucks.

Popular Makes and Models

Dodge has a number of vehicles available for consumers, but one of its
most popular current offerings is the Challenger. With up to 470
horsepower from the upgraded 6.4-litre hemi V8 engine, the
Challenger is available in both manual and automatic. The Challenger
comes standard with traction control and 4-wheel antilock brakes, plus
tuned suspension that offers three distinct driving modes. The
automatic transmission model has steering wheel-mounted shifters
available for those who need maximum performance, and with up to
24 MPG city or 39 MPG highway fuel economy, this classic muscle car
is a perfect balance of power and efficiency. A true high-performance
vehicle, this muscle car is for speed freaks only.
For a consumer-class vehicle that is a little more sensible for everyday
driving, Dodge offers the Dart, a 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick with a 5-star
NHTSA safety rating. Featuring a keyless ignition and 59 MPG highway
efficiency, the Dart is available in five models starting at $15,995 for
the compact 160-horsepower SE. The Dart comes equipped with a
factory-standard media center and 7-inch customizable dash display.
Dodge’s Dart sports Uconnect technology that integrates a Bluetooth
hands-free phone, AM/FM and satellite radio, and a CD and digital
media player—all under the convenient and safe control of voice
activation. This high-tech vehicle is a strong contender in the consumer
compact market and starts at only $15,995.

What’s Coming in 2014

2014 is going to be a big year for Dodge. It will be the 100th
anniversary of Dodge’s entry into the consumer vehicle market, and to
celebrate 100 years of Dodge, the automaker is pulling out all the
stops. 2014 will see a new Dart, an updated Challenger and a
V8-powered, all-wheel drive Charger Pursuit—plus two Dodge Grand
Caravan models, the 30th Anniversary Edition and the American Value
Package. The 2014 Charger in particular is expected to be a major
release, featuring an optional 8-speed automatic transmission and
new, fuel-efficient technology.
2014 will also see Dodge unveil its new and improved Durango SUV, a
luxurious vehicle that features a powerful 3.6-liter V6 engine yet still
gets 25 MPG of highway fuel economy. With seating for 7 and a
6,200-pound towing capacity, this new Durango has all the modern
creature comforts that a family might need, and the untamed power
necessary for tough jobs. After 100 years in auto manufacturing,
Dodge is demonstrating that it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Windshield and Windshield Manufacturer Information

Dodge’s primary glass supplier is Mopar, the OEM parts and service
division of the Chrysler Group. Mopar provides glass and parts for
Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and RAM. Mopar offers a 12-month, 12,000-mile
warranty on all OEM replacement parts sold within the United States.
Dodge recommends using Mopar glass when replacing chipped or
cracked glass in your Dodge vehicle.
Mopar designs its glass in such a way as to support the vehicle’s roof
between the A-pillars, thereby maintaining the roof’s structural
integrity in a manner that can prevent a collapse in a rollover or
collision. Mopar glass is also easier to install into a Dodge vehicle than
aftermarket glass, and usually fits better. This means you will pay less
for labor and the new windshield will not allow wind or water to seep

New Features That Affect Windshield Replacement Prices

When it comes to general auto glass for Dodge vehicles, there are
several considerations to make.
As Dodge is a fairly common auto brand, it shouldn’t be difficult to find
a technician that has experience with Dodge glass. However, Dodge
uses Mopar glass as its factory standard, which is somewhat unique.
Mopar is the Chrysler Group auto glass supplier, and another supplier
may not have the right windshield for your Dodge. Mopar glass is also
generally a better fit for a Dodge frame than generic aftermarket glass,
which means if your windshield breaks, you may need to opt for a
Mopar replacement to get the right fit. Different Dodge models have
varying numbers and sizes of glass components, which can make
third-party aftermarket solutions difficult. If you opt to purchase OEM
parts from Mopar, you can expect to pay about $400 to $600 for a
windshield for an Avenger or Challenger. Going with an aftermarket
part from a third party manufacturer will likely cost under $300.
However, the aftermarket windshield may not fit properly, so you may
end up paying significant fees for labor costs just to get the right fit.
Dodge’s new vehicles (particularly the Charger) are also rumored to
feature a lane departure warning system, according to Car and Driver
Magazine. If this rumor is true, that means the cost of replacing a
Dodge windshield could rise. Lane departure warning systems rely on a
windshield-mounted camera that usually sits inside a glass bracket. In
order for the system to function, it requires a specialized, bracketed
windshield. Using a normal windshield, then, would disable the lane
departure notification feature. Manufacturing this bracketed windshield
is more labor intensive than a normal windshield, which will drive up
the cost.


As one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, Dodge has a
long history of focusing on sporty cars and light trucks that get the job
done while looking and handling great. To celebrate 100 years in the
automotive industry, Dodge is going high-tech with its 2014 models by
offering a bevy of new features such as Uconnect entertainment
technology and lane departure warning systems. These new features
will require a specific type of windshield in order to function.
Additionally, Dodge glass is somewhat unique and requires a proper fit.
The OEM, Mopar, provides glass for several Dodge vehicles and offers a
12-month warranty on replacement glass parts. Depending on the
specific vehicle model and whether you opt for OEM equipment or a
third-party aftermarket replacement, windshield repair for your Dodge
could range anywhere from less than $300 up to $600, plus labor.
Nonetheless, Dodge is unparalleled when it comes to providing
American-inspired workhorse vehicles and muscle cars with an Italian
flair. For reputable vehicles with solidly-constructed glass, Dodge is a
prime choice.