Chevy Camaro

When getting a windshield replacement quote for 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe you will need to know the following in order to get an accurate quote.

Is your vehicle equipped with a remote start?
If Yes, the price will be $298.95

If your vehicle is not equipped with remote start the cost of the replacement will be slightly cheaper $278.95

Prices change by year and also change by part type, part manufacturer and also by your physical location in the United States. Some companies use different brands of glass and some might be cheaper then others. Not all companies use the same tools, removal procedures, urethane, primers or precautions when replacing your glass. You should make sure when you are getting a quote that the quote is for a new glass part first and foremost. Most online quotes don’t include tax, mobile service disposal fee or additional moldings needed. You should also beware some companies will avoid providing you with any type of warranty. If you go with the lowest quote keep in mind that if your vehicle get’s damaged during the removal (extraction of your existing windshield) the cheaper companies will not always be willing to fix a scratch, rip or stain in your car. Sometimes the cheapest route is not the best route.

A bad installation can mean you experience air noise, air leaks, water leaks or problems with your molding.