Auto Glass Options

Acoustic Glass – This is a type of laminated glass which has a special interlayer that helps to reduce outside noise. This interlayer allows for acoustic comfort inside the vehicle without increasing the thickness or weight of the glass.

Acoustic Interlayer – This is a layer of vinyl inside the windshield that helps to dampen outside noise and allow for a quieter interior.

Bulletproof Glass – This is a type of strong material that is optically transparent and resistant to shattering when struck. It is otherwise known as bullet resistant glass.

Bullet Resistant Glass – This is a type of strong material that is optically transparent and resistant to shattering when struck. It is otherwise known as bulletproof glass.

Condensation Sensor – This detects condensation (i.e. window fogging) on the windshield before it is immediately apparent to the driver by measuring the level of humidity inside the car and the surface temperature of the windshield. It automatically changes the airflow to help prevent misting.

Electrochromic Mirror – This is a rear view mirror which measures the outside ambient light with a forward sensor and detects glare with a rearward sensor. The electrochromic mirror automatically dims when it senses that it is too bright outside.

Electro-Thermal Defogging Glass – This is a glass on which a conductive pattern has been printed so that when a current is applied, the glass generates heat. It helps to maintain a clear view by defogging the glass and is mainly installed in the rear glass.

Embedded Digital TV Glass Antenna – This is a new kind of glass antenna that embeds the terrestrial digital TV (DTV) antenna into the laminated glass, providing durability and aesthetic quality.

Heated Coated Windshield – This is a windshield that has a transparent, metallic coating and is heated by an electrical current. It helps to defrost, defog, and melt snow and ice on the windshield to improve safety during the winter.

Heated Wiper Park Area – This is the heated area on the bottom part of the windshield where your windshield wipers rest. About 4-6″ high, this area helps prevent the wipers from freezing and slush from accumulating..

Heated Wires Windshields – These are windshields which have tungsten wires embedded in them. Electricity is applied through connectors that are welded onto busbars in contact with the wire. This heats up the windshield, helping to defrost and defog.

Humidity Sensor Unit – This sensor is attached to the windshield and regulates the humidity levels inside the vehicle. It activates the air conditioning to help reduce an internal fogging of the side glasses and windshield when the humidity levels rise.

Infrared (IR) Cut Glass – This is a special type of glass which helps to cut infrared rays from the sun. Infrared cut glass protects passengers from both IR and UV rays and helps to keep the vehicle interior cool, which improves fuel efficiency.

Laminated Side Window – This replaces normal window glass on the side windows of automobiles by playing a layer of plastic laminate in between two layers of plate glass. Laminated side windows can reduce outside noise and protect the car from intrusion.

Light Sensor – Normally found in the windshield, this is a sensor that detects the absence of light and then activates the headlights.

Module Assembly Window – This is a car design enhancement in which the window glass, moldings, and the resin parts around the glass are encapsulated together into one unit.

Modular Glass – The modular glass is a portion of glass that possesses either an assembly or molding connected to it. It can also be referred to as encapsulated glass.

Molding – Molding is the rubber covering that runs around the outside of the windshield and holds it in place.

New Windshield – This is a completely new windshield that is fitted into the front window of your vehicle. New windshields are usually made of laminated safety glass.

Printed Glass Antenna – This is an antenna that is printed directly onto the glass, as an alternative to a conventional antenna. It allows for signals to be received through printing an optimized conductive pattern combined with other electronic components in the vehicle.

Shadeband – This is the stripe of tinting at the very top of your windshield which usually extends down about three to six inches. The shadeband is usually tinted green or blue and it helps to dim bright sunlight so that you are not blinded while driving.

Solar Coated – This refers to a special coating inside the windshield that helps to reflect extra infrared energy. On very cloudy day, solar coating appears as a bluish or purplish color.

Toughened Part – This is simply the British term for what is really known as a tempered part.

Used Windshield – This is a windshield that was previously fitted onto another vehicle that has been removed and can be installed into another car. Used windshields are sometimes an option for buyers looking to save money.

Ultraviolet (UV) Cut Glass – This is a type of glass in which UV-cut material is added to regular green glass. Ultraviolet cut glass has a heat absorption function, and also helps to reduce risk of passenger sunburn and slows down the deterioration of materials in the vehicle’s interior.

Universal Molding – This term refers to a kind of molding that is identical to lots of moldings utilized by vehicle manufacturers. Typically, it is constructed out of a pliable, vinyl material and can be applied to different vehicles.

Urethane – This is a strong adhesive that is utilized for bonding the glass to the frame of your vehicle.

Vent – The vent is a glass that is normally triangular in shape. It is typically found on the side of the vehicle that opens with the doors of the vehicle.

Vent Glass – The vent glass is a portion of glass that is typically adjacent to the door of the glass and mounted right in the frame of the door. Exceptions to this rule are the body-mounted parts also referred to as vent glasses.

Water-Repellent Door Glass – This is a glass with high water-repellent and organic, fluorinated coating, helping to allow for a clear view through the glass even when it is raining.

Weather Barrier – This is the covering that is utilized to guard the interior of your car from any exposed access holes of the doorframe. It’s situated right in between the doorframe’s metal and the actual door panel itself.

Weatherstrip – The weatherstrip is utilized in many places on the vehicle. It is meant to keep weather conditions from getting to either the baggage or passenger compartments.

Weatherstrip Retainer – This is a reference to a part that is characterized by either a rubber or a foam-rubber weatherstrip being inserted and then held into place, typically around the door jam.

Windscreen – This is the British term for a windshield.

Windshield – A type of laminated glass meant to protect the vehicle’s interior from the exterior elements.

Windshield Repair – A technique that’s utilized to fix windshield damage like a crack or a chip.

Wiper Park Heater – This is a value-added feature. Added to windshields, it’s a metallic-paint grid that’s electrically charged. It is used to defrost the lower edge of your glass.

Wrap-Around Molding – This is a kind of reveal molding that is usually made of vinyl or vinyl-coated metal. Wrap-around molding has a “U” channel, which wraps around the edge of the glass.

Joseph Newsome